Trail Running and Chronic Pain

trail running chronic pain
Screenshot of my article’s promotion in the Trail Sisters newsletter. More photos available on the Trail Sisters site.

I wrote an article about trail running and chronic pain, and it was recently published by Trail Sisters. It’s an unfortunate reality that so many people can relate to stories about living with chronic pain, and while I’m always excited to get my work published, I’d rather see a day when there’s not much market for writing about chronic pain.

Trail Sisters is a group that promotes women’s inclusion in the trail running community, and I’m excited to be part of their mission. Whether you have fibromyalgia, spinal problems, and/or any other kind of chronic health issues, I believe that getting outdoors and moving your body is key to mental health and stress relief. I don’t always feel up to running, and sometimes my body doesn’t cooperate with my mind, but I never regret trying. Click here to read my article on the Trail Sisters website. 

2 Replies to “Trail Running and Chronic Pain”

  1. You are such an inspiration! I have some questions for you. I have Fibromyalgia and would love to exercise more, but sometimes the pain and exhaustion get the better of me. Is exercise something you already had in your routine before you developed Fibro? How can I motivate myself to keep doing it when most of time it seems to make me feel worse? Sorry for all the questions, I would just love to try to change how I feel since I feel so not in control most of the time. Thank you

    1. Thanks, Suzanne! I’m a lifelong athlete, so yes, I was an exerciser before I had chronic pain. I think starting small and not overdoing it is a great way to start. Oftentimes, if you’re able, just going for a slow walk outdoors can be really good for the body and mind. I wish you the best!

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