Raynaud’s After Running

White, cold, and numb. Yuck.

I ran six miles in 58-degree weather, and even though it was sunny and beautiful outside and I never felt too cold, my hands told a different story. Raynaud’s Phenomenon sometimes turns just one or two of my fingers white and makes them go numb, but this particular run provoked several pasty appendages. I know there’ve been suspected links between fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s, but I wish there were more information for patients. I don’t want to take medications or have surgery or do anything else drastic, but I would definitely like for my fingers to stop going numb when it’s not even extremely cold outside.

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  1. Yes, I have suffered from Raynaud’s. I use to live on a farm where it got very cold in the winter. I would double glove to go outside to feed my horses….
    When I came in I would go straight to the wood stove and put both hands, gloves and all until I could feel circulation again. Raynaud’s is a very painful condition. My sympathies.
    BTW – I left my husband, primarily die to my health and moved to a more moderate climate. No more Raynaud’s!

    1. Congrats on the warmer climate helping you! I’m in Florida, but we still get enough winter (or even fall) here to keep my fingers numb. Thanks for reading!

  2. I was diagnosed with fibro January of 1996. Since then I have developed raynauds in my hands and my feet. The feet are the worst for me. As far I as I know not much can be done medically. I have used a product that is inexpensive and works rather well for my feet called Toasty Toes. They are air activated warmers for hands and feet. Mostly directed toward hunters. Look in sporting goods area of Wal-Mart and try them for your hands. I sometimes have sensitivity to heat in my hands too. Hope I could help a little.

  3. My goodness that looks painful! And quite extreme for the temperature (if my conversion is right that’s about 14/15 degrees Celsius?) though I guess that’s a very cold day in Florida 🙂 I don’t suffer from this but my husband does so I can appreciate how horrible it is. He has to wear gloves a lot of the time.

  4. Hello, have you tried using hand braces,the kind with medal or plastic,part going from the palm of your hand to the wrist. Wearing those May help when running,or other. But it helps when sleeping. I wore,these when I go to bed,I would wake up,fingers were a sleep,taking up to hour to wake up,white looking. After wearing these braces,on both hands for about 2 months,I have not needed them,in years.
    I have fibromyalgia,real bad,arthrtis,bone on bone. Few surgeries on right knee,and ripped rowtarer cup,is too bad for surgery. I have shots in my shoulder every 3months. Not much movement. I fall easily. I feel funny,leaving you my email address. Not easy to trust,But hopely,no worries! Good luck! Jessie

    1. I’ve used one of those hand braces when my right wrist was sore from too much tennis, but I haven’t tried it for anything else. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for your hands. I hope you get some relief for your shoulder! Thank you for reading!

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