Lightning and a Return to Running

The wet evidence of my storm-plagued return to running. Honestly, it was kind of fun.
The wet evidence of my storm-plagued return to running. Honestly, it was kind of fun.

Remember the song Maybe God is Tryin’ to Tell You Somethin’ from The Color Purple? I made my return to running today after an almost two-month break because of my hip. I’d been jogging along for about forty-five seconds when the sky broke open. I’d been looking forward to trying to run for so long and have had so many setbacks over the years, and I’m not very good at giving up. So I kept going, even when the flashes of lightning and blasts of thunder got closer together, which I’ve read means they’re getting closer to me.

At minute 13, lightning came down with a massive, simultaneous thunder clap. It was more like an explosion than thunder and lightning. I jumped into the middle of the road (not the best solution) and hollered. The hairs on my arms and neck felt like cactus spines, and my teeth felt like they were buzzing. “God is tryin’ to tell you somethin’” got stuck on repeat in my head. I changed course for home.

I made it 17 minutes before deciding not to overdo it with my comeback. My rain-soaked clothes are airing out on the porch, and my hip is throbbing, but it was throbbing before I left for my run. Considering I got caught in one of our famous Florida summer thunderstorms, ran longer than I expected, and didn’t end up a scorched piece of meat, I’m pretty happy. If no one can help me with my pain and spasms, I might as well live and die how I choose. These days, I feel like I can survive anything (until I can’t).

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  1. I am at the same point! Hip has been killing me since June 21st and I miss running so much! Nothing has helped so I am running anyway and hoping I am not doing any damage. It only hurts after the run not during and it is usually bearable after a day or two so I run again. Sometimes the pain in the hip brings the lower back spasms on full blast. Good luck with your return to running! You inspire me:)

    1. Tamela, thanks for your comment. I hope you’re feeling better these days. Have you tried hamstring stretching? It’s working pretty well for me. Good luck!

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