Kombucha and Probiotics

gt kombucha
Gingerade flavor is the best I’ve tried.

Has anybody tried probiotics to help with the myriad symptoms of fibromyalgia? I’ve been enjoying ½ a bottle of GT’s Kombucha every night for a while now, and I’m feeling a bit better in general. I definitely swear by the magnesium supplements that I started taking a few weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure the combination of kombucha and magnesium is a good one.

Flavor-wise, I’m definitely a huge fan of Gingerade. It’s delicious. I tried Original and thought it tasted like watered-down apple cider vinegar. Stawberry Serenity was good but a little too sweet-tasting, and Gingerberry just made me wish I’d bought Gingerade. But seriously… this stuff is raw and organic, theoretically good for us, and tastes great. Any kombucha users out there?

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  1. Hi , YES l agree. I have been exhausted with fibromyalgia and have found this and magnesium does help the pain. Am hoping fatigue will ease off a bit too, but kombucha does help. I like Ginger Lemon and Cherry Plum.

  2. Same here – I started drinking a small bottle a day few weeks ago and feel somewhat better. I had horrible intestinal pain and bloating for a few days when I started but powered through and glad I did. Did you have anything similar? Wondering what that could be from. I skipped the kombucha for a few days and started up again and same thing over again.

    1. Yes, I definitely made a few extra trips to the bathroom at first and had some gas. It didn’t last more than a few days for me but it was inconvenient to say the least, LOL.

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