Brrr… Is Cold Weather Making Fibromyalgia Worse?

The cold snap across the US is wreaking all kinds of havoc, and I’m curious if anyone else who has fibromyalgia is seriously bothered by the cold?

While I’m still feeling pretty good in general (thank you, vegan diet), my back and neck are super tight and my hamstrings are getting tighter. I feel achier all over, and I’m sleeping under an electric blanket. I haven’t been able to use my hot tub in several days because we turned it down for the cold snap, so maybe that’s part of the equation.

What do y’all think… is fibromyalgia aggravated by cold?

2 Replies to “Brrr… Is Cold Weather Making Fibromyalgia Worse?”

  1. Cold weather makes my muscles contract into spasms. It is sunny out today but 24 degrees. Any wind makes it a 1000 times worse. I try mind over matter but the body is not listening.

    1. Bonnie, muscle spasms are awful. I get a lot of help from my hot tub and/or a hot shower. Best of luck to you!

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